How do I become a Freemason?

How do I become a Freemason?

A man of good report may seek to become a Freemason by simply asking. We are here to talk with you about our Fraternity! If you are ready, click here to contact us! 

A potential candidate must complete a Petition (application), stating his name, age, place of residence, occupation and place of employment.  Four (4) Character References are also needed. Once the Petitioner turns in all paperwork and initiation fees, an Investigating Committee made up of three (3) Lodge Members, conducts an interview and vetting process. The Lodge Members then vote on the Petitioner from the recommendations made by the Investigating Committee. Vote by secret ballot is made. To be accepted the ballot must be unanimous.

If you are interested in petitioning Philanthropic Lodge No.168, please contact us at or click here.

If you are interested in learning more, go to or

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